is this normal at work.. for everyone?

I am 24 years old and in my second permanent job. In both my first and current I have found that there are days that I sit around and do nothing. Like absolutely... nothing. In my first when I was an intern I used to ask but then id get given tedious tasks like going through newspaper clippings :?

In my current, Ive been here for almost two years and I have asked my manager for a bigger workload and believe me when I have plenty to do, I am at my happiest. But then there are still days I sit and have nothing to do. I go home in the afternoon, and there was no/minimal output. I am in quite a senior position now and earn a lot- this makes me feel a little bit guilty.

I want to know, is this normal?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's totally normal, all companies have slow periods. The trick I used was put the little things aside that are not time sensitive and do them when it's slow.

    After that surf the news for things that affect your company and share them.

    Before my retirement from a company that I worked at for over 30 years I was doing that too. I had learned to do my work fast and then helped others with theirs and even then had down times so I surfed the news. I know what you mean about being tedious but it's better then doing nothing. They are paying you to be there to do the work when it comes in so you have to stay in case some comes in.

    I was always happiest when busy and under deadlines. I hated not having anything to do.

  • Betty
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    8 years ago

    during quite times i tidy, dust and clean stuff, look for things I've lost and generally can find something to occupy my time productively.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It is your responsibility to find something to is not your boss' responsibility to entertain you.

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