does god like americans more than africans, is that why he makes african crops fail?

america - that western haven of indulgence and fornication - yet rich and plentiful

africa - primitive and poor and generally more superstitious - yet poor and starving

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  • 8 years ago

    This is nothing new. Africa is an underdeveloped continent due to natural reasons. You should know that God has not given the Americans Peace of mind. Africans are satisfied with what they have.

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    What is this thing you call " god "?

  • 8 years ago

    No, God loves everybody equally. The reason crops fail in Africa is because of a few things.

    1 American technology is far more advanced than that in Africa.

    2 The weather patterns and environment of Africa is very harsh and it takes a lot to make anything grow.

    3 Africans does not have the education and finances Americans have.

    American farmers farm Big to produce enough for a nation. African farmers only farm to feed himself and his family.

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    Given the current economic situation, it seems God likes the godless Chinese communists far more than both America and Africa.

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