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Have you been in a long distance relationship with someone? Did it work?

I'm 18 his 20 I live in Chicago Illinois and he lives in Amarillo Texas . have you or someone been on one? how did things turn out? please I need some feedback.

Thank you.

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    I'm in a long distance relationship I'm from east coast U.S she's from Ukraine. Our relationship is great yea i never see her but communication never seems to cease and trust on both sides is 100% in fact i trust her more than i would trust anybody else over here. We talk everyday on FaceTime or Skype and if there's a day we don't talk it's okay we don't fight over it. Yes I still go out with friends and so does she but I trust her and she trusts me and I couldn't be happier. Well if i was with her I'd be happier lol just need trust, communication, and patience .

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    When i'm in a long distance rel there's 3 things i did maintain. TRUST, COMMUNICATION and PATIENCE. if you love him you trust him if you made a mistake make a way to gain his effort back so is he and dont i mean dont lose commun[ication because if that happens his attention towards you will change and be patience.

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    Yeah I am in one core one year now. It's going great. Sometimes you get lonely. Just make sure you make time

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