How to view videos you reported on youtube?

Ok, so there is 2 or 3 (not sure) videos which I apparently took down using the Copyright Infringement Notification thing on Youtube. Well.. It backfired on me "-_-

I just wanted that certain youtube channel to take down a video of mine but after 1 year, it still wasn't taken down so I filed a claim on it. But suddenly, the account got suspended. I didn't know how but I found out later that someone also filed a claim on that account.

So here's the thing... That youtube account is an account of a big company and I just got my name and contact number revealed to the public *sigh* so I tried to retract the claim. I found the link of 2 of the videos and successfully sent the retraction statement to youtube. Then after a week, the account was back again.

Everything is fine now. But!-

I'm actually not sure whether I filed a claim on 2 or 3 videos. So I need to find the 3rd video (if there is any) just to make sure. Is there any way to find that video? I can't find the link to it...

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