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how to make a pancake syrup ?

okaay..!! i want to make a pancake syrup but doesn't include maple or corn oil :) hope u help me thank u ;) ;)

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    A quick way to make a fruit syrup is to heat jelly in a pan with enough water to thin it to the consistency of syrup.

    A better way is to make the syrup from fruit as you wold make jelly but leave out the pectin.

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    Brown Sugar Pancake Syrup

    (20 servings)

    1 cup brown sugar

    1/2 cup water

    1 Tablespoon butter

    a pinch of salt

    Bring all ingredients to a boil. Once the sugar is dissolved the syrup is ready to serve.

    You can also store this and serve corld or at room temperature like store-bought syrup.

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    I made some Apple Syrup a few weeks ago that turned out great. It is time consuming, though. However, it is good to know exactly what is in the food that one eats.

    Ingredients :


    cinnamon stick



    lemon juice


    1. Wash and cut up fruit. You don't have to peel, core, or deseed it. In fact, you can just use the peelings and cores for this and use the qpple flesh for a pie. (That's what I did.) Put in pot along with a cinnamon stick. Cover with water and simmer for several hours. It will smell heavenly.

    2. Strain. Make sure you keep the water. Discard the rest. (Birds will eat it.) Measure to see how much liquid you have. You will need to measure out half as mich sugar. If, for instance, you have 4 cups of liquid, then you need 2 cups of sugar. Put all this in a heavy boiler and bring to a boil. Add a squirt of lemon juice. Stir frequently. reduce the mixture by at least half. If you dip a spoonful out and cool it, it will be thick. Cook it until it has the consistency that you want.

    3. This can be stored in a jar in the trudge or it can be processed in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes.

    Fabulous on pancakes but also good as a ham glaze. I've also experimented using pears and ginger which also turned out wonderful.

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