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How can you tell if someone's a real mma fighter?

Ok so I got wanna be's at my school who claim they do mma to look cool now please answer this for me I take mma like really take it at a class now how can you tell who take mma or not because I mean like anybody can punch and kick in a fight and act like they do it but how would you know if they really know it or not like what's gives them away of knowing it or not? Cause I really can't stand wanna be's that's like insulting the sport of mma or boxing because they act like they box to when surely they don't.

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    Ask what gym they train at and go and visit.

    Or, if they claim they've had a fight, search for their name on the web. Even amateur fight records are available from a number of sources.

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    If you Watch early UFC fights, Tank Abbot, who was no more than a Street Fighter, An experienced 1 at that. he done well in the ring with limited rules, but he lacked the discipline and training, also fitness that a pro MMA fighter has,the fitness is the one of best in the world, as it incorporates 2 games, Stand Up and Ground work... Both in thier own right are tough, unless properly trained for, which takes years... Even in the street An MMA fighter can break the rules, They would be far more deadly than a street fighter, With all the training and fitness...Damn who couldnt lift a botlle and strike... But try and get A street fighter in the Cage, he wouldnt last 4 minutes...

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    Lol this is why you don't go around picking up fights with ramdom people. Now i understand where your coming from, i train in MMA as well, and yes there are wanna be's, let them say what they want. Eventually someone's going to get fed up with them, and when they fight and everyone sees that he really doesn't know MMA, he's going to look like a dumbass, so let them be, their time will come.

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    As a couple of answers already suggest: (1) the gym they go to, and (2) their record.

    Just ask: "Hey, so where do you train?" If they give an answer--a real answer, not "back yard with some friends"--answer: "Cool. How long have you been doing that?" Then listen to their answers.

    The second part--their record or their fights--is pretty easy to determine. Just look them up online. There are a couple of major sites that list both pro and amateur fighters. The fight results are reported by the promoters. Now, they're not always complete--my son's 4-0 but one site has him just at 3-0--but that'll give you an idea. And search for them on YouTube. Lots of fighters will post their videos on YouTube. And sometimes it's the fighter's opponent who'll do that. Each of my son's opponents who had a record (3 of the 4) had videos on YouTube.

    Hope that helps.

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    Their gym and competition record.

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    Firstly why do you wanna know this? Do you have beef with these people or what?

    Secondly just concentrate in who you wanna be, don't waste time on who or what somebody wants to be!!!


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    There is not really a way of telling unless you fight them, which is not a good thing lol. Like someone said above me, you can see on their knuckles etc, if they have marks or calluses from punching, grappling etc.

    Of course anyone can kick and punch, but there's a different between knowing it and KNOWING IT. The same thing can be said about grappling, me and my bro used to mess about and try submitting each other (as bros do) and we used to submit each other a fair few times, I have done al ittle judo in the past, he just watches MMA lol. After I have been training BJJ for the last few months, he has to chance lol.

    My point is he knows how to grapple, from watching MMA, but I KNOW how to grapple from training, two totally different things.

    Anyway I hope this answer helps.


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    First thing I look at is their hands. People who tape their wrists don't have hair one them. See if their knuckles are thick and calloused from training, and most of all...ask where they train. Then go there and fight them. I can tell by how they stand in the ring if they've ever trained or if they just copy the power rangers

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    Its usually the ones who brag about it the most and say yea i can kick his a$$ and are hot headed what you can do is Ask them in the most random place to a freindly sparring match and if they hesitate or say something like naw i cant or avoid it most likely dont know mma

    any real mma fighter no matter how big or small would take a challenge just to see how much experience you have

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    You must first walk up to them and shake their hand polity. Then proceed to say to them, are you a MMA fighter. If they respond with "Yes" then they are, if they say "No" then they are not.

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