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what is the difference between "i have been married and i have married?

i need native speaker in english to answer what is the differnce between "i have been married ...and i have married ..."

i have gone in u.s and i have been in u.s

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    "I have been married "- Not married any more.

    "I have married" - I just got married !"

    Welcome to America ! ' I have gone TO the U.S., not gone IN.


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    "I have been married" or other "have been" sentences are usually followed by a period of time, or implies that something happened but is now over, such as: I have been married for 5 years. I have been to Puerto Rico.

    "I have married" is the auxillery form of the preterit tense. It's the same as "I married," but less commonly used. Example: I married a great man OR I have married a great man. I have come to bring you a present OR I came to bring you a present.

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    I have been married implies he/she is now divorced.

    I have married, makes it sound like he/she has be married multiple times. At least once.

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