What will happen on dec 21 2012?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Big 2012 Doomsday Fail is imminent and it gives you a chance to learn from it.

    You will learn how not everything you see on the Internet is true.

    You will learn to distinguish between reliable sources such as NASA with statements from named people whose credentials you can check up on, and unreliable sources from anonymous nobodies who make outlandish claims with no evidence and just expect you to believe it.

    You will learn that when something only grabs the attention of your friends talking about what they've seen on YouTube and fringe websites whilst the big wide adult world as a whole just rolls on without anyone paying any attention to it, the big wide adult world is usually right.

    You will get the chance to see how people behave. Ask your friends if they think it's real. If they say yes, seek them out on 22nd December and hear them say how they never really believed it.

    When visiting neighbours after 21st December, see whether any of them seem to be partaking of a diet of pasta, rice and canned food which will go on for 6 months because they stocked up for a non-existent doomsday. Then laugh.

    Look at crackpot websites and make a note of their proclamations of doom. Then go back after 21st December to see that they've vanished or been altered to say that they didn't really think anything would happen. Some will simply be abandoned, with their stupid predictions there for us to laugh at all through 2013.

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    What's the end of the world on 21 December 2012 going to be this time?

    The solar system passing through a "photon belt" near Alcyone? Good story, but photons do not form belts, Alcyone is moving away from us and it was all supposed to happen about 1958.

    The return of Jesus, yet again? How many dates have been predicted for that?

    Planet X which was supposed to be here in May 2003 having another go at us? Why can't we see planet X if it's two months away? Why could we not see it in 2003 when it was first supposed to be here?

    Invasion of the annunaki from Nibiru looking for gold? Why can't we see Niburu if it's two months away?

    The rapture, yet again? How many dates have been predicted for that?

    All the planets in the solar system lining up, even though they cannot and will not, and doing . . . something somehow? Must be magic because it sure will not be gravity. Wasn't that supposed to happen in 1999?

    Solar flares, which happen around five times a week on a long term average.

    Coronal mass ejections on the Sun which are fairly common - like the one on 14 July 2012. Notice anything, did you?

    A line up of the Sun and the Earth or something with the centre of the galaxy, which comes vaguely close twice every year is supposed to do . . . something? Must be magic because it sure will not be gravity.

    The solar system crossing the central plane of the galaxy, when we don't actually know where that is?

    Aliens invade (no, not the annunaki)?

    Prophecies that the Maya didn't make will be fulfilled?

    Prophecies that the old French faker Nostradamus didn't make will be fulfilled?

    The people behind this are scammers after your money for a worthless book, you as an audience of a radio or TV show or your clicks on a web site which mainly advertises other fraudulent material and fake science, fake religion and fake medicine.

  • Mutt
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    8 years ago

    I'm going to wake up that morning, make some coffee, turn on the morning news, and hear all about those that say the world is going to end. I will then drink my coffee, get some breakfast, and get ready for work. At the end of my work day, I will come home and have my kids for the weekend. We usually go shopping for meals for the weekend when they are here, and we will do that, as normal. Then we will go home, I will relax, kids will fight over who gets to play on the computer, and the relaxing will be over. I'll then make dinner, we'll eat, and maybe watch a movie. Then I will go to bed, the kids will go to bed later, and I will wake up int he morning to have my coffee again and watch the morning news about how the world didn't really end.

    On the off chance that it does end, then I will not get to have my coffee the next morning.

  • 8 years ago

    At 11:12 UT (6:12 a.m. New York time), it will be Winter Solstice for people in the northern hemisphere (Summer solstice for people in the Southern hemisphere).

    This is when the Sun's declination reaches its southernmost declination (relative to the celestial equator). Happens every year.

    For our so-called Western Civilization, it marks the official beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. For Asian cultures, it marks the middle of winter.

    Other than that, not much.

    The date (and time) is tied to the now "famous" Big 2012 Hoax, a re-run of the Planet-X hoax (we all died on May 13, 2003). Although some of the "predictions" come from older lies, hoaxes and stories, most of them were simply created during the summer of 2003 by the charlatans who created the hoax.

    Even the movie "2012" is actually about the 2003 version, not the 2012 version (except, of course, for the "Mayan prediction" which was invented during the summer of 2003).

    Some examples:

    The "end of the Mayan calendar" was invented in 1987 by José Argüelles, for a book he wrote about his own "natural" calendar. The Mayan calendar he described really existed, but it does not end.

    Planet Nibiru (a fake planet, distinct from the fake Planet-X) was invented in 1967 by Zechariah Sitchin for a story he wrote about the Ancient Astronaut "theory". In his original story, the fake planet Nibiru cannot show up before the year 2085.

    The doomsday predictions related to a planetary alignment were published in 1974 (The Jupiter Effect) for the planetary alignment of March 1982. The main prediction was that California would disappear on March 10, 1982. The 1982 alignment was real (and it took place) but the world failed to end. There is no special alignment in December 2012.

    Nostradamus predictions for 2012 did not exist before the summer of 2003 (otherwise, they would have clashed with the 2003 version of the Planet-X hoax). Nostradamus died in 1566, therefore I doubt that he personally wrote anything in 2003.

    And so on...

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  • GeoffG
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    8 years ago

    You are asking this question in the Astronomy & Space category; as far as astronomers are concerned the only important event which will occur on December 21 is the solstice, the Sun reaching its southernmost position in the sky, as it does every year around this date. No other scientists are predicting anything specific to happen on this date.

    Everything you have heard about December 21 is a lie and a hoax. Read the web sites below to get factual answers to all the questions you may have about "2012."

  • Paul
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    8 years ago

    The winter solstace (Northern hemisphere) and summer solstice (Southern hemisphere)

  • 8 years ago

    It may snow, and it will be colder than it is today.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    8 years ago

    nothing gonna happen

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    nothing at all.

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