How many years should a $90 Linksys router last?

Mine seems to be about 9 years old. Lately my iPad & 4G phone have been losing wireless connection at the house quite often. Someone told me that my router is old and I might need to get a new one.

How could a router wear out? It's not like a pair of running shoes that have been beaten on the pavement a million times and need to be replaced. I'm giving that comparison because I'm a runner not a tecchie.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Right, in my opinion it should last as long as I need it to. However here is what you are up against. 9 years ago the technology was different. The frequencies used for wireless internet were different and the way the devices communicated were different. (No it's not exactly the same but for sake of example, in our history for wired devices we went from dial-up to broadband) Eventually there will be a time when your new devices won't be able to communicate with the old router... but is that what's going on here? Probably not.

    What you can try before you buy:

    1) Make sure you don't have any *new* wireless things. Did you buy a new cordless phone recently? Really anything with an antenna like that? Could cause interference.

    2) Are other people using the wireless at the same time? If you are the only one in the house, is the wireless secured (Password protected so people outside aren't using it too)?

    3) Microwaves will also cause interference

    4) Power Cycle: This generally resets everything into a nice working order and it's not too much effort. Chances are you have a modem and a wireless router. Unplug the power to both. Wait at least 30-60 seconds. Plug them back in, wait 30-60 seconds. Try connecting again and see if it's any more reliable.

    Finally, as far as wearing out... It's a device that is on 24/7 right? How would a light bulb fare if it were left on 24/7? Your TV? Granted there are no moving parts but do realize it isn't just sitting there doing nothing. The chips inside get their workout but if they are quality it should last a long time.

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    8 years ago

    In today's world, technology is advancing so quickly that a nine year old router may not be up to par. Generally they last for a while, by just about anything of electronic nature is bound to wear out after a while. Over time it just kind of fried and wears out, like a lot of things will do with age. If the simile puts it in perspective, think of it as a light bulb. The bulb can only take electricity running through it for so long. Kind of the same deal, although it may be a stretch. If recommend investing in a new one.

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