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What is international relations all about?

I'm gonna graduated from high school in 10 months away and I'm going to persecute my study in University. The subject which i want to take is IR so i would like to know:

- what subjects do i have to good at for this IR?

- is it hard to find the job than others?

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    subjects to study are sociology, philosophy, history, religious studies, politics, business, macro economics, and law.

    Speaking fluently in 2 or more languages will definitely make you more employable than other people.

    Study the U.N. and do some volunteer work for international charities, e.g. Oxfam, Red Cross, Greenpeace, etc.

    Read up on WWI, The industrial revolution, The British Empire, The Middle East, post WWII USA

    But more than anything, read Noam Chomsky

    Good luck, kiddo

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    sounds such as you're on the music to grow to be an Anthropologist. interior this important are traditionally 4 sub-categories: Cultural Linguistics actual Archaeology You look someplace on the fence of cultural/linguistics, that could pass hand-in-hand very correct. My suggestion is to do a touch learn on skill Universities and start up networking with the Anthropology branch, explaining what you have an pastime in and requesting their techniques on a thank you to maximise your pursuits into your learn.

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