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"Nothing less than a whitewash of England will silence India's critics" ?

To be fair ,the pitches in England and Australia were not "Green Tops" ,as the Indians claimed them to be.Now ,I'm not saying India is a poor team ,even the Pakistan team with Wasim,Waqar and Imran Khan ,Javed Miandad etc were destroyed in Australia by Australia so it's that tough to beat them there for subcontinent people.But since Indians players have called for very spin friendly tracks doesn't it put pressure on them to whitewash England ?

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    I agree with you uncle. Nothing less than a whitewash of England will silence India's critics. And this is the best time to do it.

    Yes the pitches in England and Australia were not sheer "Green Tops" although they certainly gave major assistance for pace bowlers. Indian batsmen themselves proved that if you work hard and play at your best, definitely you can score on those tracks during previous tours.

    Now it's England's turn to handle the spin and prove themselves. Sure Indians are under some pressure but it's very possible and they can do it.

    Source(s): Edit:- If India wins this by anything else other than by whitewash, say by 2-1, 3-1 or 2-0 sure it will please the fans and the team as it is a pretty good win nonetheless. But the critics are critics and few worst ones of them may point out that India still couldn't whitewash England. Only whitewash will silence them.
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    No. We haven't forgotten the thrashing we got from England and Australia recently. We shouldn't either. We should take this as a lesson and work on improving our game. But yes, we are happy. Happy because now the English media will realize that the No.1 team too can be white washed in different conditions. Every body was saying we got to No.1 position by playing at home and that was fake. How about England now? They too played in their favorable conditions to get there, didn't they? According to me, either SA or Australia should be the real No.1 because these are the only two teams who are capable of winning anywhere in the world. Australia won in SL and SA have been pretty much consistent in the sub continent pitches. So, yes I am rejoicing the English whitewash. But then, it hasn't eased our pain. We are desperate to win a series overseas and prove ourselves. For that, we need immense grooming of our young players.

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    It's perfect payback time. Revenge is the most amazing dish and you have to serve it at the coldest with a glower. ....

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    I don't think that's needed. It can't be tit for tat and can't expect every series to be a whitewash.

    I am for team India winning the series by any margin. If it gets 4-0 then nothing like it. I said earlier that Pakistan paved the way for spin attack, which routed Eng 3-0. Nothing has changed & Swann has shown that spinners will have a major say, with 4 wickets to fall going to him only.

    Wish team India all the best, they have played well today with nearly 2 batsmen completing a century, a far cry from series in Eng, good luck for tomorrow..

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    a white wash in sub continent especially in india is impossible.

    even if the pitch is good for spinners, it is a good batting pitch(all of them)

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