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Should I withdraw from school? I broke one ankle and sprained the other one badly?

Both legs are in casts and I can't put weight on either leg for at least 2 weeks (had surgery on the broken one, the dr. said it was the worst ankle fracture she ever saw in something that wasn't an auto crash) So I'm in a wheelchair, and the campus is big and my classes are far apart. What should I do?


I might have to have surgery on the sprained ankle too; one of the ligaments is completely torn. So that means even more time in a wheelchair.

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    i see no reason why you wouldn't still be able to attend school, assuming that it is wheelchair accessible.

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    no, you can do it. You will be glad you are still ahead in your classes. I had a similiar thing happen to me too. I stayed in school despite having to crutch around campus.

    See broken bone diaries and tell your story there. It's a great place to get feed back from others. see the link below.

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    Look at the practicalities of mobility, you might consider

    1. Advise the school of your medical condition and ask whether they can

    a) appoint a mentor to take you from lesson to lesson, and carry books and provide general help

    b) look at the possibility of home tutoring during the period of your incapacity

    2. Get an adult to contact your specialist or GP to ascertain exactly what medical treatment will be required and how or if this will affect your school attendance, and get them to put this in writing so that you can formulate a treatment plan around your hospital treatment, home-life and studies. Consider also whether your pain and treatment will or could affect your exam marks, and express this to the tutor or teacher so that it can be considered.

    Wish you a good recovery.

    Source(s): Hoistic Therapist sympathise had two broken ankles at same time, and survived
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    by withdraw do you mean leave for the year? or jst take time off for 2 weeks. if you can, just take time off, and catch up on classes. i wouldnt go after that kind of surgery.

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