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Dark Souls estus flask upgrade help?

Okay so basically I'm just before that Quelagg spider boss, but I still only have basic estus flasks (i.e. not upgraded at all). I went up to the Firekeeper at Firelink Shrine, only to be informed that she's apparently dead. Is there any other way to upgrade my estus flasks? Because it sucks trying to take on Quelagg with estus flasks which aren't upgraded at all, and I have 2 Firekeeper souls just sitting in my inventory.


Thanks to both answerers :) I ended up doing a bit of grinding so I could wield my Black Knight Halberd, and then killed Man Eater Mildred; after summoning her, Quelagg was a piece of cake. Rang the second bell and found the Fire Keeper, and upgraded my Estus Flasks to +3 (I actually had 3 Fire Keeper souls, not 2 as I originally wrote).

I had already killed the Bell Gargoyles, killed the Titanite Gargoyle dude near the blacksmith, been to Darkroot Garden and killed the Moonlight Butterfly by the way :) I was doing some grinding in that place that you have to buy the seal for 20,000 souls to access (I forget what it's called). But yeah, I think the main problem was that I was trying to take on Quelagg by myself, and that I had a pretty lousy weapon too :P

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    did you kill man eater mildred yet? you can summon her (or a real person) outside the fog gate to help with quelaag. But no unless you start a new game you can't upgrade your est yet, there is a firekeeper right after though, just decend the steps after ringing the bell and there's a hidden wall in the room below.

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    Estus Flask Upgrade

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    I agree with the previous poster. There are 3 firekeepers in total, and you let one die and you can't access the other 2. Once you defeat the Quelagg spider boss, there will be a firekeeper down the stairs to upgrade your estus flasks.

    (Again as the previous poster said) Right now, your best bet is to become human and fight Man eater Mildred which is near your current bonfire, so you can use her in the battle.

    That chaos witch spider is very hard, but using Mildred as a distraction and to absorb damage you can defeat her.

    Also, if you're still having trouble, ring the bell at Undead Parish first, and explore/defeat the bosses at Darkroot Garden/Basin. After that come back to Quelagg's Domain.

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