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Why people are so silence about...?

Why Why and why?

Don't you have a heart?

Why are you so silence?

Gaza was under attack. Isreal bombed them. 25 people were killed!!

11 months baby was died because of bombings!!

Is it still that Isreal has to right to do?

Is a 11 months baby terrorist??

Please come to your sense.!!


@John : who kill 'innocent' israeli ? lol lol lol !! probably you mean that hitler?! Because after him, nobody kill israeli or jews!! But they do!

Update 2:

@Martin : So you mean that if they don't listen to warnings, 11 months baby can be killed..

Do you have a heart? I'm really wonder!!

@ John: btw i don't hate innocent Jews! but Jews who support such bombings.. yes i hate them ..!

Update 3:

@Martin : I understand you and i have no answer for you! Because your heart never allows you understand what the truth is. No! i never insult you by saying idiot or whatever else.

I never want that innocent people are killed. I hate hitler also.

I care! but you don't..

Update 4:

@Nous Believing something doesn't mean that it is true!! You can believe.. but i can't! I can believe if it is true! I know Isreal and what they are doing. I'm not deaf and blind. Not also in Gaza, but also in international water they killed innocent people. Allah gives respite (to the oppressor/unjust), but never neglects (their punishment). We're waiting for it..and you'll see..!!

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  • Martin
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    8 years ago
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    Uhm, flyers had been dropped for days telling civilians to stay away from hamas facilities and members, so it is not like they were not warned. They should have heeded the flyers.

    Edit: You really are an idiot aren't you? I'm saying they did everything they could to eliminate civilian causalties. Probably enough to have possibly rendered the attack useless if Hamas were smart enough to have figured it out. How many civilians do random Hamas rocket attacks kill? Do you care? No, you don't. AND, I don't see Hamas giving any warning of those attacks either. So stuff it.

  • Nous
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    8 years ago

    Why even bother to post such a biased and silly post?

    Do you think people are deaf dumb and blind to all the rockets that have been fired into Israel?

    Can you not understand that the world believes Israel has been totally restrained and patient in the hope a peaceful stop to the rockets could be achieved?

    Violence always begets violence!

    If you want peace stop visiting war on Israel!

  • Me
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    8 years ago

    This is what religion does to the world. It would be great if Muslims and Jews could live side by side, as they did for most of their history, but a Jewish state on Muslim holy land is unacceptable to the Muslim people as a Muslim state on Jewish holy land is unacceptable to the Jewish people.

    So they will keep fighting, and dying, and the innocents will suffer most. Hamas needs to stop firing rockets, accept Israel even though they did steal the land, and work towards building a Palestinian state. The status quo is causing far too much suffering; I don't think it will end any time soon.

    I don't understand why Israel acts as it does though. Is bombing Gaza really a good strategy? Aren't they just going to piss more people off and convince more to support Hamas and firing rockets? The rockets need to be dealt with but this tactic of bombing defenseless Gaza seems counterintuitive.

  • 8 years ago

    I'm not. I'll tell anyone I can that Israel is a self deluded criminal state.

    They should get the hell out of the west bank the thieving scum

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  • John
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    8 years ago

    lol your from turkey.. why dont you complain about all the muslims killing innocent israelis or even other muslims? you just hate jews.

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