PayPal CHARGEBACKED ALL PAYMENTS? HELP - I'm shitting bricks.?

I am a seller and buyer on eBay. I have 100% positive feedback and 10+ transactions. When I woke up today I was limited, and reason was because they needed more info. However, 10 OPEN DISPUTES. It was from me to the seller (I chargebacked) but I never touched anything. I'm also having 8+ items ship on the way to me, and what if the seller sends a bill? It's my legit info and 1 cc on the PP and eBay purchases. What the ****? -.-

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  • Roddy
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    8 years ago
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    Chargeback: This is normally done though a credit card or bank that offers protection. This often involves claims that are card was stolen or used without permission.

    You do not exactly make things clear. You have 10+ transactions but you have 10 open disputes. You have done a chargeback for at least one item.

    It sounds like you are still fairly new and have bought most of these items pretty close together as far as time goes. This probably triggered an automated limit at PayPal when you did the chargeback.

    They will require information to prove the following:

    A. You are who you say you are.

    B. You are of legal age to be using their sites.

    C. You aren't a scammer trying to get stuff for free.

    They will likely ask for copies of utility bills in your name and a copy of a state issued ID or drivers license. Additional information may also be needed.

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