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I'm meeting my girlfriend's parents this week, any help or advice?

Im suppose to be meeting my girlfriend's parents this week and im a bit nervous. I don't know what im going to say or how im going to respond when i see them. Or what they will think of me. I need some help, what should i do before going to my girlfriends house? What do i say or how do i act? Help? im going nuts over this. Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 4 days now but i known her for quite a while.

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    Keep yourself clean, dress well and no smelly breath (I am serious). Always smile, wish them when you enter their house. Show that you care for Ur girl. Do not make stupid moves unless U can talk to them comfortably. Get a bottle of wine before U enter their house (not too cheap not too expensive). The rest will follow. U have not mentioned Ur age but I am guessing Ur already grown up and working (it means no school,college or University). Tell them what you do for a living (ONLY IF THEY ASK). This is not easy but try not to get nervous. Importantly give them a direct answer to the questions they are asking.

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