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How can I have sex casually without the worry that she might get pregnant?

I am a 22 year old virgin. I want to have sex so bad. I am not planning to marry until I reach 30 or 35. I can't control myself. I know condoms help prevent pregnancy and so does the contraceptive pill but still they say it is only 98% safe. I wanna have one night stands but I am scared that as I do not know her she might get pregnant sometime later. Being separated from your baby and not knowing if you have a baby you have never seen creeps me out. I don't wanna be a burden for the baby. I just wanna make sure the girl I bang won't get pregnant.

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    Well, if used correctly, I believe that condoms will prevent the pregnancy problem. If you plan on participating in one night stands, you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a CONDOM!

    Sorry for the all caps but there are WAY too many diseases out there these days. You could have sex ONCE and end up with a disease for life.I actually reccomend not participating in one night stands but i'm not here to tell u what to do! Sorry if I sound like I'm preaching here but there are lots of people who are unaware that they are infected and are unknowinly passing on STDs. This is so disturbing to me! I've had sex with 2 men, they were both my boyfriend. I regret not having the first guy tested first. I found out later he had sex with 2 escorts (prositutes) in las vegas :( GROSS.

    Birth control is like 99.9% effective if used correctly lol. If the girl you are with is on birth control, she is not going to get pregnant, if she is taking it correctly. It is only 99% safe because nothing is really 100%. Germ Killers are usually 99% effective as well.

    You need to wear a condom unless you know FOR SURE that someone is on birth control and that they are free of any sexual transmitted diseases. Protect yourself!

    Look into spermicides too. You can find spermicide lubrications. Spermicide kills sperm and can be used with a condom. That is another step in the right direction

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    Although he's the dad its your body, and he cant make you've got an abortion due to the fact you are the service! You are not being selfish by means of opting for life, dont let him make you suppose unhealthy on account that he does no longer need to man up to tasks. You're a grown girl, with a lot going for herself, do whats right. I had an abortion years ago and regretted day-to-day of it because I allowed others to sway me in doing so. If you can come up with the money for the baby, and you might be inclined to provide her or him your entire love and concentration it does no longer topic. You certainly not be aware of perhaps he's going to change and later you guys get extra severe. Or either existence strikes on and also you discover a guy who loves you and your youngster.

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    Don't have sex.

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    Wear a condom dude. Simple as that.

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    Even if she is on the pill, use a condom, nothing is 100% safe, but it certainly beats not using one.

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    Use condom in her safe period.

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    The only method of birth control that is 100% is abstinence. Always use a condom, not only will it prevent pregnancy it will also protect you from stud's. Don't rely on your partner protect yourself.

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