is this a uti or early pregnancy symptom?

i had unprotected sex 15 days ago now and yesterday i noticed that i was peeing a lot, atleast every hour then when i went to go to bed i CONSTANTLY had to pee even when there wasn't that much to come out or i had just gone. it's also kinda sweet smelling..? there is no pain, burning, bleeding, etc. i'm also super hungry and tired lately which would go along with being pregnant but idk if it is even too soon to have symptoms. i'm gonna go to the store and get a uti test later but i am just curious..

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  • obear
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    4 years ago

    they're typically both. Why did not he do a urine dip to envision for UTI fairly than only say your warning signs sound like one? Kidney/urinary tract infections may also reason nausea, vomiting, weak spot, dizziness, etc. The tender boobs will be from PMS. it might want to be being pregnant, or not that is a UTI with PMS, it might want to be being pregnant and a UTI. Did he prescribe something?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    it is hard to say mayb u should take a preg test

  • 8 years ago

    Whilst you are at the store purchasing a UTI test, i'd suggest purchasing a pregnancy test.

    Yes, your symptoms could be either early pregnancy or UTI.

    Sometimes a UTI can be asymptomatic (no symptoms) so pain, burning, bleeding etc may not be present and can develop at a later time.

    Sweet smelling urine can be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes, are you diabetic?

    When is your period due? Have a test ready to take if your period does not show.

    People can be hungrier in the lead up to their period, hormonal changes within the body require energy, which in turn can make the person more hungry than usual.


    If you are diabetic, then you may want to discuss with your doctor the use of cranberry juice before drinking it (as another person has answereed) as Cranberry juice is higher in sugars than other juices. Diabetics can consume cranberry juice, but they must carefully monitor their portion size due to the sugar content.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's hard to say. If it continues it may be signs of a UTI. Diabetes is something else that matches with those symptoms too. May want to book an appointment with the doc if it keeps up more than a couple days. Drink cranberry juice meanwhile. Good luck :)

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