Trigonometry problem help?

Can someone help me in this problem? I dont get the problem pls explain it really well. Thanks in advance :3


r and m are equal

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  • Judith
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    8 years ago
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    Thanks, now it makes sense.

    tan (m) * x = 10

    tan (2m) * x = 25

    x= 10 / (tan(m))

    x=15 / (tan(2m))

    10 * tan(2m) = 15 * tan(m)

    2 * tan(2m) = 3 * tan(m)

    For some reason this does not work so I found a different solution:

    That is your picture with some editing.On the top left you now have an rectangular triangle where you can find the green angle:

    10/15 = sin (green angle)

    therefore the green angle = 41,81°

    if you look at the big triangle, you see:

    2m= 90 - green angle


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