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I am a christian, Christianity has everything I could ever want i.e love, answers, support etc?

HOWEVER. I cannot decieve myself.

Here are my issues with my faith.

1. It does seem crazy, i.e. the talking snakes, the talking donkey, the whole invisible God who has never shown himself, the mass hysteria / deliverance prayers i..e everyone falling on the floor, screaming etc, the contradictions in the bibie, the way all religions think that they are right / best, different denominations clash etc.

2. Christianity does seem quite impractical in modern day i.e. no lying - it is not bad to tell a white lie here and there, it gets you out of stiuations. Or t.v. for example - say your watching the simpsons and they make a sexual reference joke, my church says you cannot watch those sort of programmes, programmes that swear etc - but it is FUNNY!

3. There is so much injustice and suffering in this world, I have been abused in the past even by church members - how can an all loving God allow this.

4. I do not want to be a mindless robot / follower - the pastor says Jump I say how high etc...

Can anyone answer those questions for me? Please do not shove bible verses at me, tell me I am a sinner, tell me it not Gods fault, or insult me! Thanks.

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    If it has everything you ever wanted and then you go on to tell me what little it seems to have in your eyes, I would say you are dishonest and settling for very little.

    I am a Christian also for over 42 years, and I have found it does have what you say: love, answers and support; but from what you follow with I don't think you have answers. I think you are still living to please men and not God. I don't think you have ever really repented of your sins. No one who has crossed over from death into life is going to say "Please do not shove Bible verses at me".

    Jesus IS the Living Word of God. The Bible is the written word of God. You cannot love one without loving the other.

    As for the Simpsons, there is nothing wrong with laughter; but if you are willing to compromise your values for a good laugh, they aren't worth much to you.

    Jesus said "seek and you will find". I think what really need is repentance and revival in your life. You seem to be content with just words;but words cannot save you. Only the real power of God can save you.

    Find someone who is making it work, and see what they are doing right, and ask God to pull you out of your compromised position. You are living in very dangerous times, and it sounds to me if you go on as you are, a little puff of wind will blow you right off your feet.

    find people really seeking God at:

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    Everything about Christianity makes sence if you spend some time and learn and understand scripture. John's gospel starts out saying that God and his word are one, and if you do not get to know the Word, you will never know God or his will or understand God at all. Look I didn't quote you a verse, but understanding comes by knowing the Word of God and that is all I can say. This world is what is confusing and evil and wrong. Not God.

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    Maybe it's because you're an American. The christians there seem to be half mad. I've never heard a European christian say that sex jokes or swearing is wrong.

    Number 3 on your list is something I don't understand either. I'm not religious so I look at it as why do people suffer in this day and age. With all the advancements in society why can't we end poverty, child abuse etc.

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    It seems that Christianity does not have all the answers, love and support. If it did you wouldn't doubt. Secularism is the fastest growing "group" in the world. Help us create a great world for us all by leaving foolish and childish fairy tales to the crazies.

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    About the funny thing. Some people find it funny when certain ethnic types are stoned to death. Since they find it just funny is that ok. Not a very good argument. you have to go beyond it just being funny to someone.

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    Not to mention the Bible says that unicorns are real.

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