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10 points! What should I wear?

hey(: so on November 30th it's my big sister's birthday, and she's celebrating it at a restaurant. She's invited loads of people (her family and her boyfriend's family).

Only problem is, I have No idea what to wear:/.

I'm 15, 5'10", brunette, Hazel/green eyes,

My style's kinda grunge/edgy.

I DON'T wear Heels/dresses!!

no links or store names apart from polyvore. Cheers!!(:

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    Well if you like bright clothes then you should wear bright colored pants and maybe a bright or matching tank-top or if you like casual wear denim skinny-jeans and a flowy shirt with coverse.

    Hope This Helps!

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  • 8 years ago

    An edgy dress like a black on with studs. Wear it with leather boots and tights

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    Dark denim leopard print skinny pants or skinny jeans with a pink blazer you could probably find these items at Marshalls TJ Maxx rugged warehouse Ross or Burlington;)

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