i want to build the 'sexual tension' with my best friend at a sleepover - how?

so i'm going to her house and have been suspicious that she MAY like me but i'm not sure.

i want to look for more signs then just at school because i don't really want to ask her in the open there.

i have noticed things like this though:

she has looked at my chest A LOT and it's strange because I honestly don't think I have much stuff there for show, I'm only a B size bra

we obviously like each other, we have those in-jokes like all best friends

she always laughs at me even when it's not funny and if i did ask her then she always is like 'ever mind'

she looks at me a lot, even when speaking with other people in my group at school

i think we have gotten really close now but i'd like to see if she might be crushing on me. not to be mean about it! - i might tease her a bit if she admits to it but won't go off at her about it or anything.

so, how to increase the sexual tension at her house at a sleepover? this will be at night time in her room where we usually do talk, etc.

also, i don't want to ask her straight out if she does like me because she would get the wrong impression from me....and it's a bit too sudden



btw i'm a girl

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  • 8 years ago
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    i dunno?get more touchy as usual?like if u talk about fashion/teen magazines then snug close to her and see if she moves away n stuff?or talk about "how u gone fatter/skinner" and stuff and see if she looks at ur body in a more suggestive way?lols...ok i think its lame.anw,gd luck~

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  • 8 years ago

    Just let nature take it's course, you can't increase what isn't there.

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