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I just had sex for the first time two weeks ago...?

I just had sex for the first time two weeks ago... we didnt use a condom. then a week ago on 10/8 I started what I thought was my period which was just the dried blood part where it's like dark brown. We had sex that night without a condom and without me knowing he came inside of me... He says that I'm just paranoid because you can't get pregnant on your period but I'm freaking out... I have a very irregular period as it is, having every two weeks and it lasting a whole week each time with heavy bleeding. This time It lasted only 4 days and I only bled like every other day (starting with the brown (dried blood) on Thursday then bled a little that Friday then nothing Saturday then bled on Sunday then nothing on Monday) that's very irregular for me... Could it be because its my first time having sex? (My hyman was broken about a year ago so that's not it) or is there a chance that I may be pregnant now? I've taken a pregnancy test and it came up negative but it has only been 7 days since he came inside of me....

I am 21 for those of you who are wondering. I waited for the "right guy" :)

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    Yes, you CAN get pregnant during your period.

    Most tests can't pick up the hormones until you've been pregnant for 4-6 weeks.

    You need to use some form of birth control unless you want a baby.

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    U r very stupid u think I would let that boy come in me hell no and plus if u not taking anything and also yes u could pregnant when your period on and u need to start thinking and u peed on a pregnancy test 7 days after he came in u think come on man think pee on a pregnancy test 28 days ok... Have some common sense..

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    Well, you should've educated yourself before you had sex.

    he technically doesn't have to ejaculate inside of you for you to get pregnant...why you ask?

    because there's something called pre-*** the guy nor the girl can feel it but it's still *** and it can still give a girl an std and/or get her pregnant.

    i hope that really is the "right guy" :)

    Source(s): i'm 15 and i know this, you should do your research.
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