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why does iphones ip location change?

I have a blog that I haven't publihed yet and playing with ip statscoutnter and it shows my own IP and its always changing, one day its in a city miles away next a hospital location. Is that normal.? I have at&t Does it pick up from location your next too ? and it always changes numbers too. like last number or two. rest is same still says iphone and state same.

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    The IP number does not belong to your phone. It belongs to the provider who is giving you access to the Internet. Each provider has a limited pool of number. Whenever you go on to the Internet, you are randomly given one of the numbers. When you sign off, the number goes back into the pool to be reassigned to whoever logs on next. This is called a "dynamic" IP and it does change every time you connect to the Internet. (Well, usually does hold the assign for several minutes. So if you were to log off and then log back on 30 seconds later, you could get the same number again.)

    Because cell phones are always on the move and always changing the towers to which they are attached, they use dynamic numbers. Otherwise there would not be enough numbers to go around. If a tower assigned you a number and then you never returned to that city again, that number would be wasted. So normally cell ip numbers are dynamic and released and reassigned everytime you go on and off the Internet.

    Numbers are assigned in ranges. Your providers may get the number to So any time you log on to the tower, the first two or three numbers will be the same, but the last number will change. Again, normal. Using those first two or three sets of numbers, it is possible to track which cell tower you are attached to.

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