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Why is my bunny squealing?

So yesterday I cleaned my bunny's cage, a while thereafter she started thumping, and I wondered why, as there was no danger or anything. Today, now as I was silently working at my desk, I heard her squealing really loud, I jumped up to see what was wrong. However, she was sitting still squealing. Then after a period of squeals, she pretended as if nothing happened.

What could be the cause?

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    did u use the same bedding as always? If not new stuff might be bohering her? Also could be a mild siezure. If happens again u might want to get her a check up.

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    She need to were scared to death. This is the reason you must under no circumstances supply rabbits baths - it will possibly put them into shock, which motives their coronary heart to stop with can influence of their loss of life. It's some distance too dicy and you might be very lucky that she escaped without demise. You additionally shouldn't use usual cleaning soap - it is going to more commonly irritate her skin and strip her fur from its ordinary oils. You will have to continually use an natural child shampoo. When you ever have got to smooth your rabbit you will have to get a moist fabric and wipe her fur - you should by no means dunk them in the bath or sink. Rabbits will not have baths as they're perfectly equipped of preserving themselves smooth. Furthermore, do not feed her the marshmellow creme - it is generally very high in sugar and can make her sick.

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    I have to say that's not normal. Squealing usually indicates extreme pain or extreme fear, or it could be, as Dez said, a seizure. I would get her checked over at the vets.

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