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Mind reading/ reading people's body language?

So for as long as I can remember I have always been good at knowing what someone is thinking or what they are going to do next.i can always pick signs in there body language or the expression and I can always be one step ahead, my parents used to always say to me that I've never looked at the world or people the way others do. And also for as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated by the idea of being able to read people thoughts. Wherever I go for a example a shopping mall and I walk past a person carrying a bag I always look at there body language and try to come up with a story about what they are going to do later. When I'm at working serving customers ( I work at a butcher) I always try piece together what the person is going to cook later by fingering out the tone in there voice ect. I was wondering If there is anyway to strengthen this skill or make it better by practicing ect?

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    from psychological perspective, its not only about body language ... but also telepathy, there are a myriad of websites that would tell you about diff body language gestures (which is helpful) but should be integrated with telepathy as body language gestures mostly hold more than 1 meaning and with probabilities

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    1.) It is certainly possible to read body language, it's scientifically proven. when i was at the uni, i held a seminar about body language, so that required me to do a hell lotta research about it. And while body language can be misinterpreted, it can also be a very good conversational guide for a skilled reader. The fact is that people tell us so much more than just what they say with words, but we need to do a lot of studying and research to be able to read it properly. 2.) Some cases of mind reading are documented, mostly with persons who are very close to one another, like lovers or identical twins. However, nothing is scientifically proven. It is all just down to speculation and circumstantial evidence. 3.) as to read somebody's very soul... probably only gods can do that.

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    watch dvd's several times and practice interpreting the actors actions and which are on purpose and which are not.

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