Better House Construction Material: Brick or concrete block?

I live in Indiana and I am putting a list of materials to build my house with. I would like to use either concrete blocks or bricks for the foundation of the house and if possible, for the rest of the house under the right condition(s):

1. Has the most insulation value?

2. Has the most strength:

3. Able to withstand the worse midwest weather, flooding, and tornadoes

4. Inexpensive

5. Decoration appeal

6. Easy to work with

I know I will use wood in the house design which i am ok with, I just want to have a better idea of what material to use in my planning that will help keep the house safe during the worse storm and being structurally strong.


Would concrete blocks also be a great construction material?

Update 2:

Looking to have a standard size basement with two rooms: a spare bedroom and an utility room for the heater, furnance, etc.

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    8 years ago
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    Concrete is basically almost the strongest and the most reliable house material there is. Concrete is also proven to dissipate sound. So your house may be a little more quiet if you build with Concrete ;)

    Concrete = most strength , inexpensive, able to withstand

    Brick= Decoration appeal, easy to work with

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    Block And Brick Construction

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    Brick is a veneer typically applied in front of a wood frame house. Its very durable and good looking but the house is supported by the wood frame.

    Concrete block is very sturdy - homes in Cuba where they regularly get hurricanes use a lot of concrete block. My father in law's house is made from block. HOWEVER insulating value is Horrible! He lives in Va and its always cold in there in winter. Being you are in Indiana, you need serious insulation.

    I'd recommend insulated concrete block - materials will cost more but it will be awesome when done and house resale value up a lot too. This isn't rocket science but Id consider hiring someone to design and the build the frame of it so its done right. 90% of home-built homes end up looking like they are built by homeowner, not sayig you cant do it but its not as easy as it looks to get everything plumb. I built a brick sided outdoor kitchen and know by the time I was done I knew what I was doing - LOL

    See link below for info on one of the many mfgs of these blocks. I have also heard of people using haybales which have a very high insulating value and cheap. You treat them and seal them up, rebar through the middle or something like that.

    do some research.

    also, house seems small make sure you build big enough to be comfortable. slab heat might also be good idea, or geothermal.

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    While some will forever extol on the virtues of the oh so natural brick, I would tend to bet my money on the concrete. If you research the options, you should find out pretty quickly that some monumental dose of cutting edge knowledge has gone into these things. Artificial as hell, so what. I say, look at the Colosseum in Rome, and all the Aquaeducts the Romans built, too - even that is concrete, and it's two-thousand years old. Things have become even better since then.

    Perhaps my logic is simple, but I'd tend to go with it.

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    5 years ago

    In most of the older homes in the US many were made from wood. But many were made from wood/brick combination. You'll find most newer homes are being built with brick and only the overhang will be wood. As well as the wood under the roofing material. In some other areas of the US many homes are made out of stucco or believe it or not, thick mud blocks covered then in stucco. Wood can still be used to decorate a home easily. It depends on the style and neighborhoods, etc.

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    Primarily a matter of cost. Lots of renewable trees makes for lower costs of materials and construction. However, cost is not always the driver. In Florida, were I live, the vast majority of homes are made out of cement blocks and brick these days. This is, of course, because they withstand Hurricane force winds much better than wood. See link for more details

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