Do you think President Obama should be impeached?

Just a few days after the election, his CIA director resigns because of a sex scandal. The CIA director would not go along with President Obama's "story of events" and so now he has a madey-up affair, and so does another general. A woman involved who was probably keeping evidence that showed that Petraeus wasn't lying had her evidence taken by the FBI- Leon Panetta- an Obama Stalinist inside guy. Can the other generals still testify that Obama knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to take power in Libya when we helped the Muslim Brotherhood and rebels with weapons? Can they still testify that the CIA was running a secret prison (which they were) or the true nature of the Benghazi mission? And ultimately can they testify that on the night of Sep 11 President Obama gave an unlawful order, a criminally unlawful order to stand down in Benghazi when more than 25 Americans were under attack, and four ultimately ended up paying their lives? Now, research this, research the lies that Susan Rice and the Obama administration peddled about Benghazi, and tell me that they weren't covering something up. I just think that the last hard evidence to save these guys was overturned to the FBI under the KGB-like Leon Panetta, a Trotskyite like Obama. What do you think?


my seeming narrative is more believable than "a movie caused all this" and Petraeus just happened to have an affair just days before testifying. If you believe those two things, and the other shenanigans this administration is trying to pull well I have got beachfront property in Death Valley to sell you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    4 years ago

    a million. he's only been in place of artwork for sort of 9 months, and he has made progression on his marketing campaign aspects. 2. to question a president the president might desire to commit extreme crimes and misdemeanors. Obama has committed none. If GWB did not get impeached, no person ever will.

  • 8 years ago

    I think you've created an interesting narrative, though it's fiction.

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