03 impala coolabt system?

I have an 03 impala 3.4 liter motor. I was doin a coolant flush on it yesterday and when I pulled the drain plug I only got about 2 liters of coolant out, thinkin maybe somethin was just backed up I filled it back up with water let it run about 15 minutes and it got a little hotter than it normally does and the heater was putting out cold air.. does that sound like thermostat stuck shut if not what would be keeping the heat cold ? and why isn't all the coolant draining out??


Added detail in response to first 2 answers I unscrewed the drain plug all the way and had the cap off the top of the radiator and I've unhooked the hose goin from radiator to thermostat and the hose going back into the radiator on the other side and didn't get anything out of either of those hoses

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  • 8 years ago
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    Look for any fitting on the side of the engine block that can be removed to drain it out. I would definitely stick in a new AC-Delco 195 degree thermostat and cooling system pressure cap.

    The radiator does not drain out 1/2 of the cooling system capacity. You will find out how many liters or quarts the total cooling system holds in the specifications page of your glove compartment hand book.

    If I owned your car, after flushing the system between the water pump and heater core the radiator would get two bottles of Prestone Super Radiator Cleaner and fill the remaining space with pure water. I'd drive the car at least 200 miles to remove corrosion, rust and scale from the cooling system. Drain, flush and drain the system completely before you dump in 6 quarts or liters of Dexcool Antifreeze.

    Your total cooling system capacity is in the specifications pages of your glove compartment manual. What ever the size it is fill the empty system with 1/2 the total capacity with full strength Dexcool first before adding the remaining space with distilled water from any grocery store.

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  • 8 years ago

    Besides opening the drain plug, you need to open the top of the system. Either the reservoir cap(if that's the only cap into the system), or the radiator cap.

    The thermostat hardly ever gets stuck closed, or break or cause any problem but people who don't know always blame this simple machine for problems.

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    8 years ago

    First it sounds like you have an air pocket in the coolant system that needs to be bleed out and for draining issue, either the radiator is clogged up including the rest of the coolant system or the drain plug is not fully pulled completely out as far as possible.

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