Is being very talkative and open a turn off to girls?

Hi, I don't have any confidence issues but I only got a slight dilemma regarding my personality. To be more specific... I'd say I'm a good listener, I pay a lot attention when talking to someone about anything half-serious, however I also talk quite A LOT, and by talking quite a lot I don't mean talking utter nonsense(I never back talk anyone, I don't talk just for the sake of being in the spotlight) or talking about myself. It's just that I feel that most of the times me and the girl do equal amounts of talking, I always got something to talk about and I usually add lots of details(as long as it's not something delicate of course) to my conversations, even in text messages most of the times my replies aren't one worded or short. I might add that I'm also quite emotional and open and I show it(not being needy or whining, I just openly show interest in other people and things they talk about).

I'd like to ask for your opinion, if this kind of behavior is normal, or should I change something? :) Thank you!

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    8 years ago
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    Man, stay the way you are. It all depends on the girl really, but no one really likes a guy who doesn't speak much. Just imagine being in a classroom with a girl, just the two of you, and there is not much conversation going on. *shivers* right?

    If you you are a good listener and all, and you know when to hear people out, it's alright when you speak a lot. Also, girls tend to like guys with self-confidence and humor (not sexy stuff or racist stuff or whatnots) just the witty kind of humor that brightens up the conversation. Keep doing what you are doing, in fact, giving details to what you are talking about makes your conversation more interesting and easy to follow (provided you are not boring the girl to death) and long text messages are good too! I mean, if I answered your question with a simple "you are good", it wouldnt have much impact on you right?

    Hope this helped!

  • 8 years ago

    No it's not a turn off. :) I'm sure it would actually be quite refreshing!

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