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What app is this to do photos like this?

What app can you do photos like this ???


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    There are 2 that will do it.

    Photoshop or photo shop elements

    Or Lightroom 4.0; PS elements is cheaper to buy than PS but PS offers a lot of flexibility. My preference is LR. 4.0. Instagram? It is not quite up to par in my opinion.

    Take the picture in RAW mode, with manual settings. Then load it up on Lightroom, adjust lighting, tone, color, light and shadows. Covert to jpg. and then upload. You can make sky color bluer than blue and background blur (called bouquet). You will be pleased with the results.

    For instance, if you take the picture of a baby or a model - partial face cover with bouquet will give dramatic results. Study some of the models' pictures in magazines. See how the shadow falls? Color? tone? You will get the idea.

    Another one you can do: HDR. High Dynamic Range. This will make the picture come alive but overdoing the adjustments will make it look artificial. Be careful. There is a lot to learn on everything what I have written here. It cannot be covered in a few sentences. Get good and comfortable with your camera. iPhone or camera phone just won't cut it. It is OK for birthday parties and aim and shoot but for creative work you will need to get a quality DSLR.

    You will need a DSLR (such as Nikon D7000 or DX300) with lenses and filters to get desired results. A good, sturdy tripod is a MUST. Be prepared to spend a few bucks if you are into that sort of thing. If you do commercial photography and produce results with that "wow" effect, then the purchase is a non issue because you will recoup your money in no time.

    Source(s): I am a hobbyist but with a lot of camera gear. I spend enormous amount of time on my computer with my photos. People have commented me to be a great photographer (but I disagree.... I am not completely satisfied my photos) I still have to do a lot to improve.
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    You can do that with Paint.NET. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. And it's free.

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