Is there another guy involved?

My girlfriend broke up with me saying the spark was gone, then missed me and we got back together. She then said that spark was deffinetely back after a great romantic day with her. Then she said the next day that the spark was gone and broke up with me again. If she really loved me would the spark go away in a day? I think there may be anither guy involved but she says theres not. We arent together now, bu how do i find out if there is another guy?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Like a good sort of the different answer you will pay attention I ought to agree that it relies upon on whether she is nicely worth it to you or not. Why is it that the two certainly one of you're in simple terms casual? Is she the kind of woman which you in simple terms desire to be casual with, or are you in simple terms giving eachother time to get to nicely known eachother? while you're taking part in attending to nicely known her i could recommend you ask her for extra of a dedication and that she notice "date" (or despite you desire to call it) outdoors of your relationship. yet whilst your in simple terms in it for the relaxing i'm unable to work out her relationship different individuals rather being a situation different than perhaps on your ego. think of of it this way: Are you speaking to different women human beings? while you're then your probable not so severe with reference to the lady you asked the question approximately. yet once you're surprisingly plenty interested in her and only her permit her understand which you're feeling that way and ask for a dedication. superb desires!

  • 8 years ago

    Other than stalking her I don't think there is another way. I would just let it go.

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