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What colour braces should I get?

I'm getting braces on the 16th of January next year and was wondering what colour I should choose, I'm not really interested in having multi-coloured braces because they seem slightly too obvious. I have dark brown\black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. Apparantly white braces stain your teeth and change colour, orange yellow and green make it look like there is something in your teeth, black makes it look like you have cavities and red makes it look like your gums are bleeding. With all of that in mind I don't want to take any chances so I was thinking of getting either lilac or violet braces (Purple is my favourite colour.) I heard my orthadonist call them 'Train-Track Braces' Any better ideas? :)

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    If you're getting traintrack braces, your braces are metal wires and little studs (brackets) that are stuck onto your teeth. These parts arent coloured, just plain silvery metal. However, to hold the wire in the studs, your ortho will use small coloured plastic rings on each brackets and these rings get replaced every month, so the colour you choose can vary each month depending on your choice!

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    train track braces are all connected in a long chain like a chain. they hurt because they pull your teeth. anyway I like sky blue, lavender, and light pink.

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