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How much should I sell my Xbox for?

I'm wanting to sell my Xbox 360 Slim 250GB console on Gumtree/Ebay and I'm not sure how much it's worth. I would sell it all as a bundle which would include:

The console, 360 Slim 250GB



All the cables it came with

And literally, like 45+ games, I had alot of games from the previous Xbox I had, the majority of them are basically from this year/last year and are in perfect condition. I also have alot of new titles like Assassin's Creed 3, Black Ops 2, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Would around $700 sound reasonable?


Simply gotten bored of gaming, the console itself and the games are all in perfect, basically brand new condition. I don't game much anymore and could use the money more so I'd like to get rid of it haha :)

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    Y the hell r u selling it


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