Why do health freaks always think that they are right and push their opinions onto other people?

Alright take for instance: Orange juice. Every health freak will say that it's bad and all due to added sugar. Okay. I understand that.

But now let's take pomegranate juice. It has 35g sugar per 8oz. BUT we don't hear anyone saying that's bad because it has antioxidants in it. When I read the back of my orange juice container it says 20g of sugar per 8oz.

I understand drinking the gallon in a day isn't good, but I hate it when people tell me everything I eat can potentially be bad for me. If you live your life being that paranoid about the foods you consume then I doubt you're going to be happy.

And guess what: It's all about moderation.

On that note, I do watch what I eat, but I'm not like these nutcases that are all paleo, no carb, or other stupid diets that really are a crutch for the weak.


Shane Michael - This I agree with, but I just hate how people love to single out orange juice and say POM juice is good for you.

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  • JD
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    8 years ago
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    Is it all about moderation now huh?

    You gonna go around pushing that on other people?

    Haha, seriously though, people talk, but they can't force you to change your lifestyle, just take it as their opinion and be done with it, why bother even thinking about it further or asking this question?

  • 8 years ago

    Actually most fruit juices are bad for you whereas vegetable juices are extremely healthy and low in sugar lol.

    Source(s): Sorry I couldn't resist.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's not just health freaks....there are plenty of know-it-alls no matter what the issue. And there are plenty of health freaks that don't push their opinions on others but because they don't do so you just don't notice them. So ignore people that are like that, health freak or not, and live a happy life!

  • Bomber
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    8 years ago

    Because some people just have problems... just ignore them. my mom tries to get me to quit drinking soda lol I just say "YOLO" which means "You only live once" lol.... and I admit that I don't eat the healthiest foods all the time nor drink the healthiest things all the time but I keep a level of healthy pretty good.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    shut up. ima put my opinions on anyone i choose

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