Teenage boys with Girlfriends?

I was wondering if teenage boys have girlfriends. Do their girlfriend want them to be a slave for them. If you are a teenage boy does your girlfriend ask you to strip naked for her so that she can tie you up? or do you get punished by your girlfriend? If you are a teenage boy please answer this question. And what does she make you do for her?


Or do teenage girls get tied up by their boyfriends? and what are you made to do for your boyfriend as a slave? please answer this question if you are a teenage girl. what does your boyfriend make you do for him?

Update 2:

And do you get punished if you don't do as you are told to?

Update 3:

Are any of you ever handcuffed naked? or chained up naked?

Update 4:

Does any of you get punished naked outdoors?

Update 5:

Come on there must be some boys and girls who have done this for their girlfriends and boyfriends. Come on let's hear from all of you teenage boys and teenage girls.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sorry, I'm a girl, I looked as I was curious.

    Opposite way around for me. I'm the sub (slave).

    If you're looking to hear from guys your best bet is to head over to fetlife and start up a discussion there.

    EDIT: As you asked in additional details - When we head into that part of stuff he is no longer my boyfriend - He's my Master. I'm there for his pleasure and that alone. He'll tie me down, spank me, slap me, whip me, choke me, bite, scratch and cut me... If he demands me naked - I'm naked until he says otherwise. If he wished to **** my pussy - he does. If he wishes to **** my *** - he does. If he wishes to have his cock in my mouth - in it goes. If he wants *** on me or in me - he does. If he wants me to swallow his *** - I do. If he tells me to masturbate for him - I do. If he tells me I'm to wear my ********* (as it censored that out and you probably can't make it out from the *'s I'll put a link in below) out the house - I do. There's nothing I won't do, as in taking in role of collared sub - I'm here to please him, that's what I want to do.


    I get punished when I don't do as I'm told. My Master also has 24/7 control of my orgasms I'm only allowed to masturbate/orgasm with his permission. His knowing that I enjoy masturbating/orgasms a lot he often takes away the privilege for a while as punishment. Spankings are often on the menu as punishment too. And I must always thank him for my punishments.


    I'm not handcuffed or chained up naked, but I do get tied down naked with the bed restraints.


    I've not been punished naked outdoors. But it's the end of Autumn so perhaps I will do when it gets warmer.

    Source(s): Tried to keep that as non-graphical as possible but it was impossible. Loads of it was censored anyway, silly Y!A. http://www.sexshop365.co.uk/catalog/images/3000003...
  • 8 years ago

    The thing about teen dating and having a girlfriend, is that you are not in a real relationship. No matter what anyone says. You're basically right. You spend time with a girl and do what she asks you to (including rubbing her nasty *** feet), or buying what she asks you to (the most expensive restaurants in freaking town.) If you're lucky, you'll find a girl that will be romantically satisfied by you taking her for a walk on the beach, or laying on a blanket in your back yard. The little things that count. Good luck(:

  • 8 years ago

    When I was a teen, I never asked any of my boyfriends to do those things. With hindsight, I wish I had and most of them probably wish I had too.

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