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Why have governments around the world allowed the illegal trade of illicit drugs to spiral out of control?

What is the appeal with taking drugs, like heroin, ecstasy and cannabis knowing the harm that they cause? As far as I know, kids are taking a plant food product, called Miaow. Why?

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    Many people make enormous amounts of money on such illegal trade. Many government officials are involved in the illegal trafficking of narcotics, especially in Asia, and in Mexico, some Central American countries, and some South American countries.

    The tragic truth is that many people make a lot of money from illegal drugs. They are willing to pollute, steal, lie and even commit murder to continue to make money from illegal narcotics trafficking.

    In some countries, especially the United States, there is unreasonable hesitance to enforce drug laws consistently. This often is related to unreasonable accusations of government racism. For example, if an apartment complex has a problem with heavy drug dealing, but the apartment complex has mostly black or Hispanic residents, some people will protest the police patrolling there more frequently, with some people complaining that it is "discrimination" or "racism" for the police to show a more active presence in an area that is predominantly populated by people of a particular race. Tragically, such complaints often fail to take into consideration the need to protect the children and other citizens of that same race who live in that area.

    I think another reason narcotics trafficking is so horribly out of control is that there tends to be very poor funding of mental health treatment for drug abusers. So long as there is a demand for illegal drugs, someone is going to supply them to the abusers. I think it is right to treat illegal drug sellers and buyers as criminals, but I think illegal drug abusers ought to be directed toward well-funded and effective drug treatment programs. I think drug users, at least first-time offenders, ought to be sentenced to drug treatment programs rather than just prison or jail. I think such programs could be "residential" when needed, by which I mean they could be run inside locked facilities.

    Drug and alcohol abuse are tragic means by which millions of people demolish their lives and the lives of their families. I think the drug dealers ought to be punished hard, and all drug abusers should be able to get good long-term addiction treatment.

    I pray that God helps all who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

    I pray that illegal drug dealers come to realize the evil of their actions,

    and come to repent from the horrible way of life they have chosen.

    May God forgive all people for our sins,

    and lead us to help all who need help.

    I am Roman Catholic.

    Peace be with you.

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    On the grounds that unlawful drug use is a crime it could technically scale back crime if it were legalized. It might additionally put drug lords and dealers out of business as good. I imply who would need to purchase cocaine from from anybody like Pablo Escabar (the druglord identical of Saddam Hussein) once they would get it at the nearby fuel station correct next to the cigarettes. Medications are without difficulty to be had and they're unlawful, so legalizing them wouldn't trade matters all that much, but it would make numerous earnings for the government. It can be a little bit ironic that the one approach to win the warfare on drugs is to legalize them.

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    Ever heard of a lil' thang called corruption?

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    Man do you believe everything you're told. Besides, governments can't win.

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    For the Governments, the drugs are a way to control and weaken the population. We didn't have drugs in Australia until the American military brought it with them during the Vietnam war.

    The appeal of taking drugs is that it gives you an incredible buzz and an intense high, like you get with an orgasm or having an alcoholic drink only more so.

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    governments have let this happen cause they are incapable and focus on other things

    kids take drugs because of social pressure and feeling of depression..that adults have created as NO ONE ever tries to understand how teenagers feel and just get think the only way out is suicide or drugs

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    I don't comsume narcotics..


    That's what my cat says.

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    Supply and demand

    Source(s): Economics 101
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    It's not about 'allowing' it, the drugs war is fundamentally unwinnable, as was alcohol prohibition

    All it does is gives criminal gangs large amounts of power and money

    Drugs taking is a victimless crime and drug dealing is massively profitable, so it will always occur and corrupt the officials who should stop it because people don't feel guilty about facilitating people getting high. You can't use force to stop people getting high, they can do it in secret and nobody will report them because it is a victimless crime, it's unpoliceable, in the UK they only stop 1% of drugs being taken per year despite spending billions!

    The only way to manage drugs is legalisation, tax, and education. Experiments have shown in countries such as Portugal that treating drug use as a medical issue not a criminal issue actually reduces use and harm.

    What's the appeal? Have you ever tried drugs? They are fun, and most of them are far less harmful than alcohol

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