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Why is AT&T DSL customer service so bad?

I live in Kansas and every time I need to talk to AT&T DSL customer service I find that they suck at what they do. I recently called them to ask them a question and they transferred me to like 5 different people and in the end, I just hung up. Like the other day I called to ask if they had different speed tiers for their DSL because I needed more speed without having to do their U-VERSE thing. I don't want to do U-VERSE because I know I need to get extra equipment and I have to shell out money. For some reason, nobody knew and I hung up after wasting my time on the line with 5 people over a 40 minute period. I just got Timer Warner Cable Roadrunner, so, we'll see. So far so good...

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    Did they have foreign accents? If so, could have been an outsourced call center to save on wages . . . which can also have the side effect of people who don't understand even simple questions.

    Again, if so, even though the corporation saves a lot of money by outsourcing, does that mean they transfer part of the savings to you, the customer? Nooooooooooo. The prices for their service tiers are only allowed to go UP. They can never go DOWN.

    Greedy corporations. ;)

    You were getting transferred around because you just wanted information, as opposed to wanting to buy their current 'best thing ever'.

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