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Help! Algebraic problem, solve this equation! Please(:?

It's part of an algebraic methods paper, and I'm hopeless at finding equations, so here it is:

Three generations of the Smith family are looking at some photos. Jess is the youngest. Her mother Kate is three times as old as Jess, while Mary her grandmother, is twice as old as Kate's age minus 12. The ages of all three total 128.

Form an equation and solve to find Mary's age.

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    j = j

    k =3j

    m = 2k -12 = 6j -12

    now m +j +k = 128

    6j-12+3j+j = 128

    10j = 140

    j = 14

    m = 6*14 -12 = 84 -12 = 72 years

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    the formula for forming a algebric equation is


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