My boyfriend is staying with a flirty girl while traveling, should I be worried?

He booked a job on new years eve in another country. He knows New Years is a big deal to me, but he didn't invite me and wasn't even going to tell me until I brought up NYE plans. I find out he is staying with this girl he hardly knows, yet she flirts with him constantly online and in texts. Should I be worried? She posted a sexy picture and tagged him in it and said "are you going to be ready for this on new years"......

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Reall? After what you just posted you still asking!

    No don't be worried there just going to have sexual intercourse thats all that NOT bad at all!

    Of course you should be worried you Dummie if she tagged him(your Bf) on her body blahh good bye boyfriend hahaha

  • 4 years ago

    okay to start up, you have absolutley ever ideal to sense that way. for everyone to declare that your incorrect to think of that way, is ridiculous! i in my view could on no account disrespect my spouse via going someplace long distance without her, extraordinarily if i will convey her. yet on your case, he's clearly hiding it from you AND going with a flirt woman, wow even i understand that is a super no no. thats in simple terms disrespect in direction of you, and if i grew to become into you, i wouldnt be having that! i could tell him promptly up reality and the kind you sense approximately all of it, and if he acts like that is not any vast deal, then thats a huge sign that theres alot of issues to be worked on. yet whilst he's prepared to compromise, theres desire. dont permit any of those adult adult males make you think of that your loopy or "non trusting" for thinking this way. each and every physique is so rattling thoughtless and make excuses to conceal their sorry ***'s. not trusting could be if he didnt disrespect you and reassured you in each and every way that theres not something to be bothered approximately, yet you nevertheless dont have faith him. yet this occasion, you have each and every ideal to think of and sense that way

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