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how to look and act like a fallen angel?

My friends and I have to make a short fantasy movie for school, our movie is a bit like Supernatural but of course we're not stealing the ideas. So in it im meant to be a fallen angel and i have a rough idea but i wanted some other peoples opinion apart from my own, so if you could give me your ideas of a modern fallen angel as to how they look and act it would be much appreciated.


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    I think fallen angels should look like regular,average and ordinary humans.

    And I believe they should act like us to. Capable of jealousy, anger, sorrow and love.

    For dramatic effect you could just dress like a demon. If you are Christian a Lucifer is a fallen angel and you can use him as an icon to model your character as. :)

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    the angel...act like a normal human..........with white dress.......and her magic stick saving her .......

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    Watch Chronicle, this may help. but its a little gritty

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