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Would over-rinsing ruin the affects of hair conditioner?

I got headaches one time when i didn't wash out all the hair conditioner. now i'm rinsing very thoroughly but i'm afraid that might reduce the affects of the conditioner.

also, did i use the dash "-" correctly in the sentence?

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  • 8 years ago

    Well firstly your headache was not caused due to conditioning, because people use leave-in conditioners as well! Secondly rinse your hair well but not to the extent that you end up with brittle, dry hair! The best way to check if all the product has been successfully rinsed out is to take your index finger and thumb, and grab a few strands of your hair and gently whilst squeezing slightly move your thumb and finger from the root to the tip, that should result in a squeaky noise! that noise means your hairs has been perfectly rinsed and needs no more rinsing!

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