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Can we charge more strength into something when we are angry?

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    Definitely. Humans go into "fight or flight" mode when confronted with stress, and adrenaline floods your system. Time slows down. If you ever get into a fight, you'll notice that it feels like your punches are slow, as are the person you're fighting. Keep your wrist tight and straight (this is the most important thing when throwing a punch, most people keep their wrist loose and break it) your fist clenched as hard as you can, and ROCKET it at your opponents chin. Or fake one at his face and throw it right where his stomach meets his chest, following up with a left to the chin, followed with a right to the nose or chin. Throw from the hips, twisting violently and using your entire body to throw each punch, feet planted firmly, legs bent but back leg propelling you as you throw, stomach clenched, shoulder extending as you twist and throw your punch aiming for behind their head, as though you're punching thru it. Use your anger to unleash a pit bull that wants to destroy this person, fuel it by thinking about everything this person ever did to make you this mad, attack first, attack hard, be as aggressive as you can, always move forward, dint be afraid to get hit-you won't feel it anyways. Street fights aren't like movies, they're like prison fights. In prison both people throw punches fast and often , clashing fists and trying to land. Your opponent won't be expecting a raging beast coming at him throwing punch after punch and once you've caught him in the stomach or chin and see an opportunity where he is stunned, finish him with a wild, violent hay maker to his temple, chin, uppercut to his nose, and repeat until he falls. Never get on the ground with him. Continue to kick and stomp his face until he is out. Roar into his unconscious face.

    Sorry if i assumed you were asking about anger into power for fighting purposes and it wasn't for that, but i dint know what else you'd be using it for. In other situations anger seems to hinder NY performance. Playing a video game and getting camped in CoD seems to make me more impatient and go out Rambo style and getkilled a bunch more times in a row. Or say something i wouldn't say at work and regret it later. Anger its good to turn into power in a fight, but idk how elseitcan be that useful for you. Walking around angry all day isn't healthy for you and will ensure an early death from hypertension and heart attack.

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    Absolutely. Everything is made up of atoms, neutrons etc and those conduct and produce electricity which of course is energy; feed something more energy such as anger and it is going to respond. Humans conduct electricity. We also have auras, yes, we do. Those auras are a combination of our personalities and the energy we naturally generate on a daily basis.

    So think about this: Have you ever come across someone either you didn't know, or if you did know them but you just walked into the room and you could just instantly tell something was wrong? It's a form of negative energy they're putting out, the stronger the anger or other intense emotion the more a person, bystander or stranger notices it.

    I believe the reason why we can sense another person's energy so well is because it's a version of an innate sixth sense we have in order to warn us of possible imminent danger.

    Also, think of mass riots. You know how quickly they can start right(?), and how everybody can so easily jump in for whatever is going on, even if they weren't in said area to begin with in order to perpetrate chaos?

    Another good example is people who are angry after a sporting event; be it the Chavs in England after a match of Football (soccer to the U.S.) or say after an underdog team just won the Superbowl or a team lost because of bad Ref call. Those people all start going absolutely ape guano on the street and begin doing stuff they normally wouldn't do. Why do they do it? It's because of all the negative energy in the air from the rest of the crowd. You pick up on it, we can't help it.

    Or like when you're with your sig other and they're in a really horrid mood and you're in a great one, but after a few hours of being around them you yourself start getting in a bad mood. Why? It's negative energy in the air.

    And on a way more personal note, I got super duper, blood boiling, heart racing, hand shaking beyond angry about two weeks ago and when I walked away from that person I don't really remember everything but I completely trashed a floor lamp... and this baby was dam near solid except for the areas where the poles connect within in the stand. By the time I was done, the bulb was shattered, the harp broke in half, the lampshade was crushed, the lamp was in two pieces with wires hanging out and there was a small hole the bedroom door. Why am I telling you this? Simple, because the energy I put out while angry was of dam near nuclear proportion and it simply exploded from me which isn't something I would normally be able to do if I wasn't so angry. (basically this just serves as really good RL example and no, i am by no means a violent person but I was. beyond angry and it was deserved)

    Sooo I guess in answer to your question, I would have to say heck yeah. *nods*

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