Which do you prefer? PS3 Slim or Super Slim?

Which do you think is more worth it? Gonna buy one next week.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Their pretty much the same but

    super slim

    -more gb space

    -can't eject discs from menu, but that's okay, the system is not far from me.

    -better fan, system doesn't get hot on the bottom like the slim.

    -less heavy and smaller, so you can move it around to places easier.

    -get warranty; you don't have to worry of it breaking down.

    It was hard for me to choose as well. It looks ugly at first but you get over it quickly. I had the slim 160gb for a year (sold it) and just recently bought the super slim a few days ago. I'd recommend the super slim ps3.

    Source(s): Sold my 160gb slim and got the assassin's creed III 500gb bundle.
  • Truth
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    8 years ago

    Obviously the super-slim.

    Source(s): Its does the exact same thing as a regular slim, but its smaller with more GB.
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