Really what does this girl want from me? PLEASE HELP ADVICE?

I've known this girl for about an year now and things haven't been very smooth between us. 3 months in our friendship and this girl started showing more interest in me at times when we were we hugged, kissed and she even got to tell me that she loved me but later I got to ask her if we were more than just friends she said that we were not anything apart from normal friends.That hurt me so much that I decided to go silent on her at times even got to exchange rude words with her. But we still found our ourselves talking sweetly again kissing and hugging and ending up in the same situation.

Some days ago after a two weeks of silence she texts me saying that she hates me, I replied saying its okay. The following day she text me asking me to watch a programme on telly in which a couple were exchanging marriage vows I still didnt get the meaning to that. Later on she asked if we could meet and talk about some issues to which I agreed to. So on the day we are supposed to meet she shows up with a male friend and another girlfriend things go smoothly until to the point which I ask what she wanted us to talk about... she looks at me and says nothing.I feel so dumb and I get so angry that I decide to leave peacefully wishing all of them farewell. She later on texts me asking if am mad to which I don't reply,calls I don't pick up and the last text she sends is that shell never call or text me again. What do you think guys

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think she sounds confused and volatile. And it kinda sounds like she's jerking you around... If you manage to get into a relationship with her I doubt it'd be smooth sailing either.

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