Could use some advice in locking this down. Sleep issue.?

Normally I answer questions, but this has been something I cannot handle well by my own means,

Currently looking at having to get several conditions either undiagnosed if possible or waived for service two years from now. In the meantime double-timing it to a bachelor's degree. Training for hours a day and studying for more.

Before anything else, I am going to shoot down any kind of doctor's involvement. I haven't slept for two days and it is starting to effect my training and classwork. What are some basic solutions?

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    8 years ago
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    it sounds as if you are working very hard. The tension that this is causing is stopping you from sleeping. All I can suggest is taking aome time out of your studies etc to do some relaxation exercises. These can involve deep breathing and stuff like that which will help you with your studies as well. I always tell my students to work hard for 40 minutes, then relax for 20 minutes. this gives your brain a chance to absorb what you have been learning. You can find relaxation exercises on line. I hope your are successful

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