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ear infection? hurts really fkn bad?!??!!?

im pretty sure I have an ear infection... have for a week now. when i put a q-tip inside i get green on it... it feels like there is liquid in my ear. its clogged, and like it says in the title it hurts so damn bad. it's almost 5 in the mourning and now im not going to bed cause of it. its like a sharp pain and doesnt go away. jaw hurts my ear if i move it. im 15, i have ear ache drops and they made it a hell lot worse. maybe i have a ruptured ear drum? idk. cause i read that you're supposed to keep thoes dry as possible, and ear drops make mine worse and its liquid so idk. my mom told me 2 days ago i would go to the doctor, then when she came home she went and got me ear drops instead, then i told her it hurt really bad, she told me to wait a whole day cause 'it gets worse before it gets better'. And im pretty sure she's going to make me wait til shes done with work today. how can i make the pain stop?????

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    Green drainage is a sign of an infection. That is reason for concern alone. Add your other symptoms I would say you need medical treatment as soon as possible. Your mother giving you over the counter ear drops is not appropriate and irresponsible. If you can not convince her you are sick please drag yourself into school tomorrow and see the school nurse. She/he will get you medical care. Good luck.

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    Did your eardrum(s) burst? That could be the cause for the exceeding pain. Also; I recommend laying on a heat pad or beanie. It tends to relieve the burning feeling in your ear. Hope ya feel better soon!(:

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    Hey there,

    I would recommend going to the Hospital tonight but it's up to you. If you've gotta endure, put a cotton ball in your ear, but not in too far. This will keep moisture and most importantly, cold air out of your ear channel. This should help a little bit with pain. Take a few Tylenols as needed.

    You really gotta go to the Hospital asap though. You wouldn't want permanent damage.

    Good luck

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    Try going to the doctors yourself or with another parent? Show her the green gunk, that might make her take you.

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