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Why are my dreams mess up?

Look I fell a sleep than all the sudden I meet Barney then I shoot him in the head than he died and grew 100 times bigger I put a his foot he cries thand dies then Iistart falling to a endless black hole than some girl starts striping than takes off all my clothes than we started to have intercourse with her then I fell on my bed then my bed was trap so everything fell under then I woke up having a panickattack

Then the next day gaming company starts bombing places and then we started to get sandstorms and it hurted so some guy says we have to end this I put my lil bro in my house with my big bro and then me and this guy starts driving then he crashes so the I get a at-4 and shoots down a bomb carrier then I fall on my bed the my bed falls then I have a panick attack

Tell me what's wrong with me please

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    8 years ago
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    What the **** are you watching before you sleep boy.

    You're dreams are affected by things that happen in your life, a hectic life will result in confusing and hectic dreams. Try to like, listen to country or something before you go to bed.

    I once dreamt I was a sandwich being eaten by a nazi alpaca in a Rite Aid.

    You'll be fine kid.

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