I have fallen in love with my girlfriend after only 3 months is this normal?

We have been friends since we were kids but lost contact for over 5 years; then randomly she adds me on facebook and we start talking again and within a week we are seeing each other. She told me that she has liked me since the 7th grade but I never really gave her a chance when I was younger or thought about being with her in a relationship, until recently. We have always gotten along as friends and now even more so as Boyfriend/Girlfriend, we definitely enjoy each others company. I just didn't expect to fall in love with her so fast, maybe its because she was my friend before she became my girlfriend idk. She told me she loves me to and that she feels we are meant for each other, its just so weird I've never felt this way about any girl in my life, she's always on my mind and when we're apart I'm unhappy. I even dream about her, I feel like I'm going nuts! I hate when she's busy and we aren't talking, I feel like I'm being a little emo clingy at times but that's how much I care for her.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's completely fine, you can't really spend a month with someone that you only barely like.

    Plus, love isn't quite about the time and period you know, it's more about what's going on and what you do.

  • 8 years ago

    I think it is normal. I feel like if you don't know after 3-6 months then you don't love that other person. If you can't see yourself with them in the long run then it would be a waste of your time.

    Hopefully it all works out! You shouldn't worry, you're lucky you have found each other :)

  • 8 years ago

    lol kkkk

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