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What Should I Do About This Cyber Bully?

There is this girl who I thought was my friend in 2010. We used to talk and everything and joke. One day out of the blue sky, I found out that she didn't like me. I found out she was talking crap about me to all of my enemies and claims she has some private information on me to spill to everybody on Twitter. I only seen her 1 time in real life and when I did, she had nothing to say. She was standing in line and she just looked at me with a really nasty attitude on her face and looked away after I caught her staring. I have argued back with her in the past, like last year. This year, all she has done, was sit on her Twitter and talk about me. She says that I'm not important and that she rarely thinks about me but that's all she does. She comes to my Twitter and comments on the things I tweet and do. A week ago, she told me that maybe one day we could catch up. Now, a few days ago, she's back to insulting me. I asked her again what her problem was and she said I was all things things that I'm not. She even said I had low self esteem, which is not the case. She has that. She accuses me of doing everything she does. I'm sick of her talking about me. I know I can protect my tweets and block her, but the fact I even have to protect my tweets sucks. I can't tweet certain people that aren't following me if I lock my tweets up. I am a strong person, but I don't like to argue or to insult people. I'd rather just get along. What should I do about this? I let her know that whatever private information she thinks she has of me, and I don't know what, I told her to say whatever she wants to say because I'm over her threatening me. She doesn't know my phone number or where I live.

Sometimes, I try to think about what celebrities have to go through to motive me

to just brush it off, but I'm not a celebrity, so that really doesn't help for long.

What should I do about this? I've tried to get along and everything.

...I cried writing this...

I really want some good advice..


I had my tweets protected for a few days and she still talked crap about me. What makes it even worse, is she's subtle about it. I can't stand subtle bullies because you can't contact police that way.

Update 2:

She doesn't put " @" when she tweets about me and to me, but in arguments she corresponds to what I say. She's gotten her friends to tweet at me and gang up on me in the past.

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    Ok well have you just tried not using twitter? Or facebook? You dont need that useless crap too live. They are internet space and bandwith wasters. This "random" girl obviously knows your friends as well as you, thus, making it pretty easy for her to hear about your "tweets" and other crap.

    If your deadset on risking security then make a fake e-mail with a fake name and then create a fake FB or twitter or what the hell ever. Its not illegal to have a second hotmail or gmail. Only give it to people you trust and keep a low profile for a bit.

    Why do you care what some douche has to say anyways?

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    Quite honestly I don't see how this is an issue that requires the attention of the police. Ignore her, and she will go away. It's that simple. Get off the internet for a few days if you need to—it helps. You can even make a new Twitter account, without using your real name or a username you've used in the past so she can't find you.

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    Grow up and get a life. What can this insignificant person do? Why are you even thinking about arguing with her?

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    It sounds like she's the problem, not you. Keep doing what you're doing and be strong against her. Has she actually said anything mean against you, like called you names or anything? Even her threatening you with something like spreading your information is a privacy breach and in some cases can be criminal. You should just ignore her, whatever she tweets you, just scroll past it and don't talk to her or even look at her when she sees you. She's probably going through a rough patch of sorts or something so she wants to take her anger out on someone. Or she feels insecure about herself so wants to try to pick out other's weaknesses to make herself feel better. Otherwise she's just nasty, and if that's the case you should tell your teacher or someone who can tell her to stop. But just keep doing what you're doing and she'll get bored soon enough. Even if you block her though she'll keep trying for a while. You shouldn't have to feel sad or do anything different to please her! Just ignore her and things should straighten out. Keep thinking- "this can't last much longer" and forget her :)

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    Delete your Facebook and twiter account so nobody can access them.

    Change your email address.

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    report it and tell the police

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